Elon Musk Unveils Mars Colonisation Plan



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[FULL + Q&A] Elon Musk Unveils Mars Colonisation Plan  (2016.9.27)

Elon Musk discusses the long-term technical challenges that need to be solved to support the creation of a permanent, self-sustaining human presence on Mars. The presentation focuses on potential architectures for sustaining humans on the Red Planet that industry, government and the scientific community can collaborate on in the years ahead.

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Elon Musk made his own small school – is called Ad Astra – which means “To the stars”


Elon Musk made his own small school – is called Ad Astra – which means “To the stars” — and is small and relatively secretive. It doesn’t have its own website or a social media presence.IMG_6148

Elon Musk didn’t like his kids’ school, so he started his own, the inventor and entrepreneur said in an interview on Beijing Television.

The school is called Ad Astra — which means “To the stars” — and is small and relatively secretive. It doesn’t have its own website or a social media presence.

Christina Simon, who writes about private elementary schools in Los Angeles, has done some digging around Ad Astra.

She says she’s been in contact with a mother whose child attends Musk’s school. The mother told Simon that the relatively new Ad Astra School is “very small and experimental,” and caters to a small group of children whose parents are primarily SpaceX employees.

Musk says in the interview that Ad Astra, which is a year old, currently has 14 kids and will increase to 20 in September. His grand vision for the school involves removing grade levels, so there’s no distinction between students in 1st grade and 3rd. Musk is “making all the children go through the same grade at the same time, like an assembly line,” he says in the interview.

“Some people love English or languages. Some people love math. Some people love music. Different abilities, different times,” he says. “It makes more sense to cater the education to match their aptitudes and abilities.”

Musk pulled his kids out of their school and even hired one of their teachers away to start Ad Astra. “I didn’t see the regular schools doing the things I thought should be done,” he says.


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Xavier Niel’s New Project – Coding School 42 Plans to Educate Students in Silicon Valley for Free


Xavier Niel’s New Project – Coding School 42 Plans to Educate Students in Silicon Valley for Free. 42-ecole-informatique-free-visite-president

Project 42 has created a computer science version of the Hunger Games to select students.

First, it’s free. Niel is investing $100 million in the U.S. to create a new school. And it starts with a brand new 200,000 square foot building in Fremont opened 24/7 with thousands of iMacs.

Second, 42 welcomes all students between 18 and 30. After filling out your online application, the real challenge starts. The 42 team has created a computer science version of the Hunger Games. They call it the swimming pool because they want to see if you can swim by throwing you into the figurative pool. You and 1,000 others students face the same coding and logic challenges.




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Who’s The New CEO Of The $22 Billion Genomics Company You’ve Never Heard Of?


Who’s The New CEO Of The $22 Billion Genomics Company You’ve Never Heard Of?

Illumina casts a long shadow over the field of genomics, but it lacks the star power of a consumer-focused company like Silicon Valley genetic testing outfit 23andMe. That’s because Illumina operates behind the scenes, selling hardware and services to companies and research institutions. But that’s about to change if Illumina’s new CEO, serial entrepreneur Francis deSouza, has anything to do with it.

Illumina, a San Diego-based gene-sequencing hardware and software behemoth with a market capitalization of $22 billion, is working on all these initiatives and expanding to consumer-facing tests—and perhaps even brand partnerships and more.

Francis DeSouza is still an elusive figure in the genomics world, in part because he’s relatively new to the industry. He was recruited from Symantec to Illumina after a long executive search, and joined the company in 2013 as president and heir apparent to Flatley. As a bonus, deSouza has a global perspective: He’s of Greek and Ethiopian heritage; he grew up in Dubai before relocating to MIT to study computer science; and after graduating, he spent much of his early career on the road. Illumina’s 4,800 or so employees are scattered across the globe.

Francis DeSouza, as the new CEO at Ilumina, he has kicked off his tenure by making subtle changes to the culture. DeSouza is also helping steer the company in some risky new directions. Taking a page from Silicon Valley tech giants like Alphabet (Google’s parent company), the company is spinning out “moonshot” initiatives that are total long shots and at least five years away from commercial viability. In recent months, it has staffed and resourced two startups: Grail, which is developing a blood test to detect cancer in the early stages; and Helix, an effort to crack into the consumer market by helping high-profile brands use genetic testing as part of marketing and promotional campaigns. One example of such a campaign might be that a sports retailer like Nike sells a test to customers to find out if they have a so-called “speed gene,” which many top athletes possess. Brands would essentially access the apps with which to conduct these tests via an app store.

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VIP Invitation to Autodesk Forge Happy Hour

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VIP Invitation to Autodesk Forge Happy Hour

Get the party started with #ForgeDevCon! #ForgeDevCon Official Pre-Party

We wanted to extend an invitation to #ForgeDevCon Official Pre-Party Tuesday, June 14, from 6:00 – 9:00 PM at Hawthorn (46 Geary St., SF). This event is a joint affair with Autodesk to kick off the Autodesk Forge Developer’s Conference.

Forge DevCon, if you don’t know already, is a first ever developer’s conference for Autodesk and their partners. This event will unveil their new free suite of web development tools and solutions that companies built from them. It is like getting open-sourced tech from Autodesk.

Here is a sneak peek at what you can see at Autodesk Forge DevCon:

  • Chris Anderson, CEO of 3D Robotics (3DR) and former Wired Magazine editor, will be keynoting. His team at 3DR is developing drone technology using Forge API to develop a reality capture solution that allows field professionals to quickly and easily perform inspections, surveys and scans of work sites from its unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). For example, take telecom inspections that involve climbing tall towers. 3DR’s SOLO drone will capture data, then process it in the cloud using Forge APIp, eliminating the need for personnel to risk injury.
  • Explore the 3D Webfest as it brings live visual artists on stage as they create, manipulate and delight extraordinary three-dimensional designs. Your special ticket price includes this event, which will be held on June 15 at Fort Mason.
  • 50+ workshops and classes on product design, manufacturing, 3D, VR/AR, IoT and AEC APIs and SDKs to help you create solutions with design and engineering data.

See you at Forge DevCon!

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