15 Days Left for Designing and Dealing With Poop for Astronaut In A Spacesuit


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15 Days Left – How to get involved with NASA? Crowdsourcing ideas for NASA’s Space Poop Challenge – If You know the Best Way to Poop in a Spacesuit, the Agency Wants to Hear It (The Deadline is Dec. 20. 2016)

Got A Great Idea For Designing and Dealing With Poop In A Spacesuit? Space Poop Challenge: NASA Seeks Solutions To Astronauts’ Potty Problems

Since 2011, NASA has been using crowdsourcing to help them solve some of the problems that crop up on the International Space Station (ISS), from coming up with solutions to the difficulties of astronauts exercising in space, and the risks of Galactic.

The space agency is seeking solutions “for fecal, urine, and menstrual management systems to be used in the crew’s launch and entry suits over a continuous duration of up to 144 hours (6 days).” 

NASA is asking for everyone’s help making the solar system’s most portable port-a-potty in coming up with new ways they can handle needs the human beings who are astronauts have in terms of waste. 

“What’s needed is a system inside a space suit that collects human waste for up to 144 hours and routes it away from the body, without the use of hands.  The system has to operate in the conditions of space — where solids, fluids, and gases float around in microgravity (what most of us think of as ‘zero gravity’) and don’t necessarily mix or act the way they would on earth. This system will help keep astronauts alive and healthy over 6 days, or 144 hrs,” NASA explained in a statement.

Currently, astronauts wear diapers during launching, landing and spacewalking. However, diapers are only a very temporary solution, and can’t provide adequate protection for longer than one day. Given that astronauts can find themselves in spacesuits for up to 10 hours at a time — or up to 6 days if something catastrophic happens while in space — a new solution is sorely needed.

Robonaut is the robotic astronaut on the International Space Station. NASA

The new system would be included in NASA’s Modified Advanced Crew Escape Suit that will be used during the first crewed Orion missions. The winners will be announced Jan. 31, 2017, and NASA will award up to three prizes — adding up to a total of $30,000 — for the best ideas.

So, if you think you are up to this scatological challenge, you can submit your proposal here before Dec. 20. After all, as the folks over at NASA helpfully point out: “when you gotta go, you gotta go. And sometimes you gotta go in a total vacuum.”

The “Space Poop Challenge” — that’s what it’s called, we’re not making this up — is the latest project of the NASA Tournament Lab, a program to invite members of the public to help come up with “novel ideas or solutions” for space-related problems. It’s hosted on HeroX, a crowdsourcing platform.

And here’s the challenge: Create an “in-suit waste management system” that can handle six days’ worth of bathroom needs.

The logistics of pooping in space, in general, have long been resolved. Astronauts at the International Space Station, orbiting the Earth for months, have some noisy contraptions with vacuums, fans, hoses and bags that take care of business.

But those space toilets won’t fit in a pressurized spacesuit — and they certainly aren’t hands-free.

“How has NASA handled this in the past? Well, for one thing, they weren’t handling it for 6 days,” HeroX explains.

Basically, when astronauts are in spacesuits they stick with diapers to handle waste. That’s fine for a few hours.

But someday NASA might send an astronaut on a mission that calls for spending days at a time in a suit.

NASA is looking for an idea for a solution that would collect feces, urine and menstrual fluid without relying on gravity, and then keep all that waste away from the body. And the astronaut has to be able to move, sit and squeeze into tight places without a problem. And it can’t take more than five minutes to implement the system. And it can’t cause any air leakage in the pressurized suit. And it has to be entirely hands-free in its operation. And it needs to work for both men and women of “varying size and weight.” And ideally it would be comfortable — physically, emotionally and psychologically — for the astronauts.

There’s nothing on the market now that comes close to achieving this, NASA says.

“Current commercial products that provide urine waste management utilize gravity to route and collect urine away from the body. Some require the use of hands,” the HeroX site notes. “No commercial products have been found that provide fecal waste management for a 144-hour period with or without the use of hands.”

NASA says that out of all the ideas presented through HeroX, up to three will be awarded, with up to $30,000 total in prize money. There’s a possibility that the idea might be implemented and your idea would actually help an astronaut find relief in space, although there’s no guarantee.

The deadline is Dec. 20. You can find more information about the contest here.

Space Poop Challenge

Description:  The US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) seeks proposed solutions for fecal, urine, and menstrual management systems to be used in the crew’s launch and entry suits over a continuous duration of up to 144 hours. An in-suit waste management system would be beneficial for contingency scenarios or for any long duration tasks.

Sponsoring/Partner Organizations:  NASA

Benefits of Participation/Awards Available:  $30,000

Open Date: October 11, 2016 Submissions Open

Close Date: December 20, 2016 Submission Deadline

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Super Strong High-Tech Socks You Don’t Need to Buy a Pair of Shoes


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Super Strong High-Tech Socks for Any Sport You Do!

FYF-for-any-sport-you-do#FreeYourFeet with FYF, the world’s most minimalist, high-tech footwear, designed to protect your feet during any sport you can imagine.

Dyneema® is the Basic Ingredient of the FYF, these are its’ Incredible Properties

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The First Portable Electric Vehicle & Backpack In One

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The easiest way to commute with your backpack. Movpak: The First Portable Electric Vehicle & Backpack In One

The Movpak features a nifty fold-up and fold-down function that can be performed with one hand. It lets the board get sucked up into a chamber in the backpack so it can be worn like a regular pack or pulled along like rolling luggage. The skateboard tops out at a respectable 15 mph. It has a range of 9 miles and takes two hours to fully charge up. That means you could ride it to school or work, top off the battery, and ride home in style with no problem.

This newest model is also literally crammed with additional functionality, including Bluetooth (for security and for playing music and calling), an integrated phone charger to recharge your devices anywhere, inbuilt speakers, a holder for your helmet, and even a mic for conference calling. Though it’s unsurprisingly almost certainly heavier than your existing backpack at a substantial 17 pounds, which may start feeling a little heavy on your shoulders if you need to do a lot of walking, but that’s when you could just use it as a rolling bag instead.

The backpack on the back of the board helps to provide a measure of stability for riders who may not be used to skateboarding. The gadget is controlled with a remote that lets you speed up or stop.


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The Powerful Anti-Aging NAD Fad

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Your Body Has 50 Trillion Cells and This Startup Wants to Keep Them Healthy

The Powerful Anti-Aging NAD Fad. ” Mitochondria are our cells” energy dynamos.

Elysium Health, a startup cofounded by Sinclair’s former mentor, MIT biologist Lenny Guarente, jumped into the NAD game by unveiling another supplement with NR. Dubbed Basis, it’s only offered online by the company. Elysium is taking no chances when it comes to scientific credibility. Its website lists a dream team of advising scientists, including five Nobel laureates and other big names such as the Mayo Clinic’s Jim Kirkland, a leader in geroscience, and biotech pioneer Lee Hood. I can’t remember a startup with more stars in its firmament.

ChromaDex reasserted its first-comer status in the NAD game by announcing that it had conducted a clinical trial demonstrating that “a single dose of NR resulted in statistically significant increases” in NAD in humans—the first evidence that supplements could really boost NAD levels in people. Details of the study won’t be out until it’s reported in a peer-reviewed journal, the company said. (ChromaDex also brandishes Nobel credentials: Roger Kornberg, a Stanford professor who won the Chemistry prize in 2006, chairs its scientific advisory board. He’s the son of Nobel laureate Arthur Kornberg, who, ChromaDex proudly notes, was among the first scientists to study NR some 60 years ago.)

Elysium isn’t the only pterostilbene vendor. In fact, ChromaDex also offers pterostilbene for supplements separately from Niagen.
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A Startup Provides You On Demand Retail Space or Pop Up Shop For Your Need

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This NYC Startup is Giving You On Demand Retail Space or Pop Up Shop For Your Need.

Storefront, the platform makes it as easy to book as a hotel room.

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The Enflux Exercise Clothing: Real-time 3D Analysis



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The Enflux Exercise Clothing: Real-time 3D Analysis

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Enflux clothing is a compression shirt and pants, each with five small 3D motion sensors. These are the size of a dime, and they collect data from each limb of your body.

The shirt and pants each have one central module, in the middle of your chest and on your pants like a belt buckle. The central modules are fully integrated into the clothing.

It’s all connected together with specially designed electrically conductive fabric, which is stretchy and durable.

Enflux is machine washable. The entire system is sealed to keep out sweat and water. It charges with a USB, just like a smartphone. It uses bluetooth low-energy to get over 2 weeks of daily use.


Enflux fits like compression and yoga clothing on the market today. The initial release will support weight training, plyometrics, and running. The app will include over 50 of the most popular weightlifting, bodyweight, and running exercises.

Enflux is partnering with trainers across the United States to offer personal training sessions where you can try it out before you buy. We’ll begin training sessions in Summer 2017.

To address the fact that people are all different, we built our algorithms around the Kinematics of Human Motion (Vladimir Zatsiorsky) who provided a basis to estimate limb length and weights for people of given heights and body types. We can capture the 3D motion of the human body to a smartphone, count reps, and track advanced exercise metrics.

Thank you and we appreciate your time and support!

The Enflux Team

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