World’s First Vegan “Cocktailbar” Expands with Kickstarter Campaign

Chaos Theorie, a German pioneer of the vegan cocktail bar concept successfully reached its fundraising goal of €8,000, raising €8,884.  On its Kickstarter campaign page, the company said (translated from German):

The small shop is bursting at the seams! It is often so crowded that people have to go back disappointed. And we have hardly any space at all to store so much stuff… We also have so many great ideas that we can not implement in the small room. Therefore, we need more space! And we have now found it. And we now need you!

The new location is not far from its current location; only one street away according to the Kickstarter page and features a much larger kitchen and space for events.  The money will be used for upgrading the new space with restaurant necessities such as blenders, freezers and dishwashers as well as more unusual exotic items like pink sofas, glitter and … unicorns(!).

Chaos Theorie opened for business on July 10, 2013 and describes themselves as probably the first vegan cocktail bar world.  Their take on vegan food is a bit unusual:

Once upon a time, you could not hear the word “vegan” without thinking about being super healthy and all that.  And there we were with our decadent sandwiches, cakes, milkshakes … and of course, the fancy cocktails – with or without alcohol, some with cream, some without, some healthy, some … well, not-so.

People were asking all the time if we therefore had “healthier” stuff to eat.  Well, we decided to take a stand, and started with our new motto: FETTUNDBETRUNKEN. In otherwords: FATANDDRUNK .

Read more about Chaos Theorie on their Kickstarter campaign page.