An Italian Architect and Designer Brings His American Dreams to New York



An Italian Architect and Designer Brings His American Dreams to New York

Giorgio Zuffanti, an Italian architect, and designer who’s a proud Sicilian at the hometown in Catania, Italy. Giorgio graduated from School of Architecture University of Catania and realized his master degree in Tsinghua University School of Architecture (Chinese pinyin: Qīnghuá Dàxué) in Beijing, China.

During and after his studies, Giorgio worked as a project designer in diverse places including Italy, China, and the United States where he developed a strong design and graphic skills. He always brings an international design perspective into his work and has been involved with mixed-use, commercial, residential and hospitality projects.

Giorgio has learned a great deal of professional experience in China when he worked for Area-17 Shanghai as Senior Designer for retail for international brands, commercial and residential projects.

Currently, Giorgio is working for Doban Architecture as a senior project designer in Brooklyn NY. As a senior project designer, he can put his background to good use in the design of the projects as well as furniture design in conjunction with Think Fabricate as he has got international design awards. Giorgio has been working with famous international designers ever since. He actives on
various fronts, as a product designer, interior designer, and architect, today Giorgio can count on an extensive CV. He calls himself “A modern nomad architect”.


In collaboration with Think Fabricate, Giorgio designed and made pieces of furniture along with the design for the booth for the last Brooklyn Design Trade Show in NY.

For the Dialogue series, Giorgio in collaboration with Think Fabricate and got the nominations for Best of Year Award 2016. A global design awards program dedicated to the year’s best design products organized to the famous magazine Interior Design.

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Dialogue Table and Dialogue Bench are designed and fabricated in Brooklyn, New York, and published in important international Magazines.

The Dialogue Series crafted in maple and walnut with the brass inlaid pattern. “The spirit of the table is to bring people together”.

The idea is to bring out the tactile materiality and the enjoyment of objects.4L02 (1)

In his free time, he has a love for the materials and craft technique. He combines the love for design, music, and arts.

Observe, sense and creates. It’s the mantra that has accompanied Giorgio his whole life. From there, his desire to travel, discover the world, get to know other cultures took hold. His passions for art, design, and photography started when he was young, thanks to his painting. He used to watch him paint when he as little and he liked it a lot.

He grew up in Sicily and he has always been inspired by the baroque architecture, but also by the art and graphic design in architecture and the legendary Deconstructivism architects Zaha Hadid. He had the chance to collaborate with the famous architect Kengo Kuma in an international workshop sponsored by the University in Sicily. That meeting was important for Giorgio because it led him to explore the Asia.

Giorgio always brings his international background in his projects.
His style is motivated by an attraction and passion to design and his great drawing skills. Giorgio takes inspiration from what is around him, from the countries he has experienced, to his travels and dreams.

Giorgio thinks that New York is still the center of the design and architecture world and for him is a fundamental experience because New York gives special vibes.

He lives in Brooklyn, a place that he really loves. Brooklyn is changing every day and he hopes to give his contribution to his style. For his talent and his love for this city he got the role as Representative Industry Chair for Urban Planning and Design for the Young Professional Brooklyn Chambers of Commerce (The first Italian to receive this position.)7

Giorgio is able to satisfy his innumerable skills and passions thanks to a series of cultural events created by him and his firm in collaboration with international design brands. In these events, Giorgio has involved international designers, architects, chefs, with the goal of reflecting how the details can be a unifying element between cross disciplines and generate new languages.


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