A New Tech Start-Up “Air Ticket Arena” (ATA) Will Let You Bid On Unsold Airline Tickets

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The New App Air Ticket Arena (ATA) Will Let You Bid On Unsold Airline Tickets

  • The app Air Ticket Arena is a new tech start-up that is based in the UK
  • It allows travellers to bid for any empty seats that might be available on flights
  • Up to 48 hours before the flight, customers find out if their bid is high enough

A new tech start-up Air Ticket Arena (ATA) is based in the UK. ATA is new cloud-based IT platform with a mobile application, which aims to enable last minute travelers to place bids on desired flights and jump into unsold seats in just 24/48 hours. Leisure travelers will be able to place bids, 14 days prior departure in advance and only find out if they have a seat on the plane just 48 hours before take-off.

ATA has launched on February 1 and gives you the opportunity to bid for last-minute plane tickets. The app is currently only available on Android in the Google Play store but will be available for Apple users in the coming March.

As a ATA user, you will not purchase an airline ticket. The travelers place bids on airlines, destinations, and desired departure days. The platform will match each traveler’s bid with a requested route, airline’s predefined requirements, and departure date.

Once your preferences are selected, you can place your bid on how much money you are willing to pay for the flight.

One to two days before the flight departs, the airline will see how many unsold seats they have and will automatically book you on the flight if you have bid the same price or higher than the minimum price they are willing to accept for the seat.

Air Ticket Arena is the first fully automated passenger centric solution, which matches unsold seats for scheduled flights with the airline’s profit and performance requirements. (Video on Vimeo)

Successful matches are eligible for further processing on the airline’s ticketing and pricing engines. The winning travelers will receive an e-ticket and flight information at least 24/48 hours before departure flight.

“We are all aware of many empty seats on our last flight. For airliners, every empty seat is complete loss, and for every traveller is an opportunity,” said Kresimir Budinski, founder and managing director of Air Ticket Arena Ltd.

Air Ticket Arena is the first fully automated platform which matches unsold seats on scheduled flights with air traveller’s bids.

AirTicketArena Ltd. (the “Company”) is a private company limited by shares established under Laws of England and Wales on 17th November 2015 with its headquarters registered on 77-79 High Street, Egham, Surrey, TW20 9HY, United Kingdom.

They are raising £850.000 in February 2018 for expansion and growth.

The minimum investment per new investor is £25,000 (twenty-five thousand). Please see a “Register for a copy of Investment package” via https://www.airticketarena.com/investors


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