Bringing Virtual Communications to Life Via PERSONALIZED 3D AVATAR API from Photographs

MOQIPEOPLE INSIDER: enables a new era of virtual communication by automatically converting selfies into expressive 3D avatars. The core technologyIMG_7184 leverages’s deep expertise in computer vision and machine learning combined with VFX magic to create life-like human face visualizations.

The animatable and expressive faces can be used to power applications in VR, gaming, messaging, e-commerce and virtual classrooms for individuals and businesses around the world.

Personalized photoreal 3D facial rig from a single front facing photograph using our public Avatar API. Fully automatic pipeline deployed on the cloud. These results are produced using a pre-defined facial animation cycle.

The output of Avatar API is an industry-grade FACS facial rig customized to the user photo and can be imported into any standard game engine or digital content creation pipeline.

Close up of the eye region showcasing the complexity of the automatically generated facial rig. eye framework handles gaze constraints that allow fast saccades and produces subtle yet complex deformations in the eyelids.

Retargeting example with a reference non-photorealistic companion avatar, which is also available via API. The stylized avatar preserves the global geometric fidelity captured in the photoreal version while simplifying the appearance and movement.

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