FoPo Helps to End Food Waste While Saving Food that Transforms Into Something Deliciously of Natural Fruit Powder


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FoPo collected fruits and vegetables that would otherwise be wasted (because they are ugly or too ripe) and turn them into dried powder, prolonging shelf-life from 2 weeks to about 2 years. That way, they maximize logistics by transporting compact-friendly powders while also preserving nutrients by up to 90%.

FoPo’s goal is to save as much food, preserve its nutrition and feed as many people as we can. By using their different backgrounds and perspectives at looking into the food system (while also bringing some fun along), they are constantly paving for new ways to create a circular food economy.

Whether you are an individual (chef, caterer, or a serial cook), food business (manufacturing food products /testing for production trials), importer, retailer, or government/ NGO who thinks that 50g FoPo packs are not enough, and believes in FoPo’s mission to save food and feed more people, they are also sell the powders in bulk for wholesale price!

Kindly inquire at for more details. FoPo’s B2B sales specialist Anna Kim will get in touch with you soon

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