G-Summit in Pebble Beach on August 23-25th, 2017!

G-Summit in Pebble Beach on August 23-25th, 2017!

Make high-level connections and get the inside scoop on AI’s current state from G-Summit Pebble Beach.

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AI’s role in healthcare, autonomous driving, finance, and logistics, we’ll cover hard science perspectives from multiple disciplines to find common ground. Some examples:

In a discovery that concludes an 80-year quest, Stanford and University of California researchers found evidence of particles that are their own antiparticles. These Majorana fermions could one day help make quantum computers more robust.

Nanotechnology is rapidly entering the world of smart materials and taking them to the next level. Will artificial photosynthesis secure a sustainable future? Can we create a real-life invisibility cloak? Two top scientists from UC Berkeley will show you the amazing discoveries by using nanotechnology.

The physical origin of dark energy, which makes up about 70% of the contents of the Universe, may be the most important unsolved problem in all of physics, providing clues to a unified quantum theory of gravity. Learn more from astrophysicist, Alex Filippenko.

These RoundTable topics include:
The Future of Learning in Intelligent AI Assistants (Carnegie Mellon)
Understanding Video (Facebook)
AI, A Curse or Blessing for Cyber Security (Didi)
Deep Learning Isn’t Magic – Assessment of Technology, Research, and Opportunities (Allen Institute for AI)
Autonomous & Connected Cars (Tesla)
AI in Human-Human and Human-Machine Interactions (Amazon)
AI Building AI – Automatic Design of Deep Networks (Sentient)
The Democratization of AI at Google (Google)
The Partnership on AI – Coming Together Around Best Practices in AI (Microsoft)

Guests & Speakers Include:
Chief Scientist, Salesforce
Chief AI Officer, Citadel
Chief Architect, VP of Cloud, Xiaomi
Founding Head of Machine Learning Department, Carnegie Mellon University
Chairman, Mail.Ru Group
Partner, Hillhouse Capital
Professor of Physics, Stanford University
Chief Executive Officer, Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence
Chief Strategy Officer, Softbank Robotics NA
Director of AI Research, Apple

The ten companies participating in the AI Startup Top 10 at G-Summit Pebble Beach.

For a full list of guests and speakers attending G-Summit, click here:


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