The Enflux Exercise Clothing: Real-time 3D Analysis



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The Enflux Exercise Clothing: Real-time 3D Analysis

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Enflux clothing is a compression shirt and pants, each with five small 3D motion sensors. These are the size of a dime, and they collect data from each limb of your body.

The shirt and pants each have one central module, in the middle of your chest and on your pants like a belt buckle. The central modules are fully integrated into the clothing.

It’s all connected together with specially designed electrically conductive fabric, which is stretchy and durable.

Enflux is machine washable. The entire system is sealed to keep out sweat and water. It charges with a USB, just like a smartphone. It uses bluetooth low-energy to get over 2 weeks of daily use.


Enflux fits like compression and yoga clothing on the market today. The initial release will support weight training, plyometrics, and running. The app will include over 50 of the most popular weightlifting, bodyweight, and running exercises.

Enflux is partnering with trainers across the United States to offer personal training sessions where you can try it out before you buy. We’ll begin training sessions in Summer 2017.

To address the fact that people are all different, we built our algorithms around the Kinematics of Human Motion (Vladimir Zatsiorsky) who provided a basis to estimate limb length and weights for people of given heights and body types. We can capture the 3D motion of the human body to a smartphone, count reps, and track advanced exercise metrics.

Thank you and we appreciate your time and support!

The Enflux Team

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