Want to Feel of Any Place on Earth in Seconds – Matcha Makes Your Dream Come True

Matcha is an edge-to-edge chaotic fire hose of Instagram Stories grouped by context — there is an endless amount of content. It can take you to Chile, London, or nearly any place in the world and try to pull Stories from those regions. The result is like sticking your head into a cold flowing river — a snapshot of inappropriate raw human interaction and genuinely funny moments.

In essence, Matcha gives you the general feeling of any place on earth in seconds. By design, you can zero in on any user’s story or just traverse forever in the void. You can also watch your friend’s stories as well as curated/suggested stories using Instagram’s algorithm. Oh, and you can stream Live Videos too.

Matcha embraces the chaos and walks you to the edge of sensory overload. Your reward is a wildly addictive adventure around the world.

Check out Matcha and lose yourself everyday. 🍵



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