Neurotech Into Your Brain is No Longer Science-Fiction


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Bryan Johnson is the founder of Braintree (Sold for $800M to PayPal), Kernel and OS Fund, which he started in 2014 with $100 million of his personal capital to support inventors and scientists who aim to benefit humanity by rewriting the operating systems of life. The OS Fund has invested in space. And will also continue investment in world changing technologies such as genomics, synthetic biology and AI, all of which are complementary to neurotech. Bryan also interested in material science building new forms of materials; anything that builds upon tools of creation.

He supports endeavors to cure age-related diseases and radically extend healthy human life to 100+ (Human Longevity), make biology a predictable programming language (Ginkgo Bioworks & Synthetic Genomics), replicate the human visual cortex using artificial intelligence (Vicarious), mine asteroids (Planetary Resources), reinvent transportation using autonomous vehicles (Matternet) and reimagine food using biology (Hampton Creek), among others. He’s an outdoor enthusiast, a pilot, and author of a children’s book.

The humble office in Venice Beach, his science-fiction-meets-science start-up, Kernel, is building a tiny chip that can be implanted in the brain to help people suffering from neurological damage caused by strokes, Alzheimer’s or concussions. Top neuroscientists who are building the chip — they call it a neuroprosthetic — hope that in the longer term, it will be able to boost intelligence, memory and other cognitive tasks.

Putting a computer in your brain is no longer science fiction

Kernel’s Quest to Enhance Human Intelligence

Bryan Johnson just launched a $100M commitment to Kernel in an effort to enhance human intelligence and reimagine our future. Unlocking our brain is the most significant and consequential opportunity in history — and it’s time sensitive.

We’re starting to identify the mechanisms underlying neural code and make them programmable. Our biology and genetics have become increasingly programmable; our neural code is next in line. Programming our neural code will enable us to author ourselves and our existence in ways that were previously unimaginable.

Brain Science is The New Rocket Science

Intelligence, in all its forms, is the most precious and powerful resource in existence. Whether we’re working on new forms of governance, climate science, curing disease, becoming a multi-planetary species, giving birth to and co-evolving with AI or exploring our own happiness — intelligence is upstream of everything else. It is both the master tool and master of all tools.

Machine learning has matured to the point where computer programs can outperform humans in the most challenging tests of pattern recognition and analysis.

Human Intelligence (HI) may be the largest market in history

“Human intelligence is landlocked in relationship to artificial intelligence — and the landlock is the degeneration of the body and the brain,” he said in an interview about the company, which he had not discussed publicly before. “This is a question of keeping humans front and center as we progress.”

The market for implantable neural prosthetics including cognitive enhancement and treatment of neurological dysfunction will likely be one of if not the largest industrial sectors in history. Now is the right time to start building.

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