Meet Me At Starbucks For A Gin And Tonic?

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Starbucks is About to Start Serving Cocktails (No, Not For Breakfast)

Would you go to Starbucks for a drink before, say, a movie?

Starbucks knows that the morning coffee routine can be dull.

Moreover, it’s always fancied itself to be a little Italian.

The coffee chain’s management has, though, always wished it could make Starbucks the place that you can go at any time of day, not just when you have a hangover.

So it’s going to start serving cocktails like

As the Seattle Times reports, a new Seattle Reserve Starbucks will enjoy such delicacies as olives, parmigiano reggiano and, oh, cocktails such as Aperol and Campari.

And when do Italians partake of such delicacies?

Why, on their way to do doing something else.

“We want to be a part of the community and are looking forward to being a stop on the way to sporting events, on the way to theater, on the way to concerts,” Starbucks’ Shauna McKenzie-Lee told the Seattle Times.

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